Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chain Maille Classes

Has the design of my blog caught your eye yet? Have you noticed that absolutely luscious necklace that adorns the left-hand side of the page? Want one?

Naturally, the necklace itself is available in both of my online stores, so you can purchase it either at Artfire
or on my new, up-and-coming shopping site, ShopHandmade

In fact, let me put a nice big picture in here so you can feast your eyes on it for a little longer:

But even better than that, I can teach you how to make it!!!

I've recently started offering classes though craft supply superstore AC Moore, and that necklace is the project on deck for tomorrow's class.

It's made from a simple modification of Jens Pind Linkage, possibly the easiest chain maille weave out there. This modification gives you a wonderful, luscious rope chain from which you can suspend the pendant of your choice. The simplicity of the style makes almost any pendant look wonderful, but as my loyal readers know I'm partial to the bling of Swarovski crystal.

So get on down to AC Moore at Lincoln Plaza in Worcester to sign up for the class! The price of the class is $30, and all materials are available at the store. Don't have your pliers yet? Want the most fabulous pendant in the store? Then make sure you take a coupon with you when you register and buy the materials. Coupons are available at the AC Moore site, or by clicking here:

This week's coupon gives you 50% off of one regularly priced item!! How cool is that!!!

I'm really excited about teaching this class. I'd love to be able to teach everyone, but class size IS limited (we can fit about a dozen people comfortably in the classroom) so DON'T WAIT!!! Get down there now and register for tomorrow night's class, fill up your materials list, and come tomorrow prepared to have a FABULOUS time!


  1. Ha, you remind me of Jens Pind being on my To-Do-List! If I'd live close to you, I'd take your class and it would be done.

  2. You'd fly right through it! It's easier than Byzantine, in my opinion. And it's FAST!