Thursday, December 9, 2010

Handmade Holiday 2 Featuring Popnicute

So today I'm back featuring one of my all-time favorite wire artists. Kharisma (Kay) Sommers is the wire whisperer behind Popnicute. She shares her secrets and some of the supplies on her Popnicute Supplies site, also on Artfire.

This first piece of art, the Wire Bow Necklace, was my inspiration for this blog post. I love the ribbon effect she created with the wire! I'd never seen anything like it before! The stone is Blue Chalcedony and it's wrapped in Argentium Sterling Silver. So give the perfect gift this year: a perfect gift!

Angel Wing Earrings. How cool are these? I love the delicate loops and swirls that form the wing shape, and people that aren't crazy for long dangles (gasp!!!) would love these! They'd make a cute addition to anyone's holiday attire!

I LOVE the graceful curves in this Cross Pendant. I've been eying it for weeks myself, thinking of making a simple chain from antiqued copper jump rings to suspend it from.

Let the toppers for your presents be the gift! Look at this amazing Flower Gift Ribbon pendant executed in delicate loops of polymer clay and adorned with a single sparkly crystal. The fun pom-pom shape in it's muted green tone would be a gift topper that you can enjoy wearing all year round.

So head on over to Kay's store to see more of her fantastic work, and I hope you enjoyed this holiday featurette! Stay tuned for more this week!!!


  1. You chose some beauties, Moira. Thanks for sharing with us!!!

  2. What a lovely selection of holiday pretties! New follower via Popnicute :)

  3. Kay sure is original isn't she? Also very, very skilled in what she does. Nice choice, I love the angel wings, so simple and elegant, and that cross is to die for...

  4. I agree with the others. Kay's work is awesome and she has her very own style.

  5. thanks everyone!!! I'm such a huge fan of Kay's work, and my favorite is that present!

  6. Yes, Her work is wonderful! Love her hammered work!!