Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Evolution of a Bracelet Design - Pt II

By this time, I was completely addicted to these charming little bracelets. They're fun to make, lovely to handle, and the fluffy factor is just divine. But I was running out of cable chain!!! I needed to go through my bead stash!!

I sacrificed a rather old and well-loved multi-strand necklace made long ago in my early jewelry making days. Yes, it was a bit of a wrench letting go, but the one necklace ultimately contributed to the next 3 bracelets I have to show you. The first was this very steampunk version of the chain fringe bracelet, which really played on mixing up those metals:

A second, similar one contained just a hint of blue, but kept to the neutral, metallic color palette for most of the bracelet. Little brass bells, large twisted jump rings, and the many different colors of metals used in the bracelet give this a really wonderful texture:

And here, a much brighter gold one showcases some blue czech glass pearls. This one strikes me as being slightly more decadent-feeling, perhaps because of the uniform beads and the rich gold tones:

Still more to come ... keep an eye out for Part III...