Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bead Star Voting is Here!!!!

Every year, I look forward to Bead Star. It's one of the biggest beading and jewelry making contests out there, the competition is pretty stiff, and the creations that are submitted are good for hours of ooooh-ing and aaaaah-ing on my part.

This year's entries are no exception. There are several categories to vote in, and each one has tons of incredibly beautiful pieces. I wanted to share with you all the ones that I voted for! Click on the pictures to link you to the pages where you can vote for these designs!

In the crystals category, I had to vote for this funky, geometrical design:

The stones category was a tough one to choose, but this wonderful piece caught my eye immediately:

In the pearls category ... ok, I'll admit it, I had to vote for myself. How could I resist???

The metals category is close to my heart, and it's the category I usually enter. This year, however, my metals design didn't make the cut, but this piece immediately made me swoon with longing:

In the new seed bead category, this funky cuff stood out from the crowd beautifully

The hearts category was another really tough one. I finally settled on the quiet, earthy feel of this stunning piece:

In the glass category, the vibrant colors and the big honking dragonfly were my hands-down favorites

and lastly, with the earthy tones against the cool, pale blue, this standout from the plastics category got my vote:

So if you're a Beading Daily member, get over there and vote for your favorite (preferably mine <grin>) and if you're NOT a Beading Daily member, get over there and register, then vote for your favorite (preferably mine <grinning again>. Can't wait to see the outcome this year!!!!


  1. Thanks for the motivation to go vote. Your choices are all beautiful!

  2. thanks to both of you!!! There are so many wonderful designers who have entries in there this year!!!

  3. Wow, those are some awesome designs. I'm digging the giant dragonfly piece.

  4. Lovely choices. Your pearls are beautiful.

    Emma x