Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Earrings Blog Hop!!!!

Well, I'm a few hours late in getting this post up because the battery died in my camera and I had to charge it. The overabundance of Easter ham prevented me from waiting until my camera was charged last night, so we're doing this now :)

First I want to thank EVERYONE who got involved in this blog hop. Especially ace recruiter Cat from BooBeads who got so many people to come on board! This was fun, and I have a few other hops planned so stay tuned!!!

Springtime makes me think of blossoms, new leaves, and pastel colors, so these are the earrings I've made

I used crystals in rose, clear crystal, peridot, and mint alabaster along with gold plated findings. A little chain maille rosette (affectionately but not entirely accurately referred to as a "mobius ring") tops them off.

I've had a chance to take a peek at some of the other entries, be sure you don't miss them!!!! They're all such wonderfully talented artists!!!


  1. Oh pretty Moira! I like how you continued your wire on your crystals- I love doing that! :)

  2. thanks, Cat!! And Sue! I like adding that little wire "cap" with the wrapped loops, I think it adds a little zing :)

  3. First thank you for organizing the earring hop.

    I love your earrings, they are in my favorite colors.

    Also thanks for the wonderful comment to mine...what about doing a pendant hop???

  4. LOL - The *Deadly Easter Ham* - my kids are all coming down from their Easter Peeps bender - it's not pretty.

    These are beautiful and most definately Springy!

    This was fun! Thanks for organizing it : )

  5. This was fun thanks for hosting it!
    I fixed my post too I don't know how the other participants weren't listed but they are there now!
    Shannon C

  6. Those are gorgeous! They scream spring!

  7. Cory, a pendant hop is a great idea!!!! Maybe that will be my next "little" one!

  8. Very pretty! The greens are beautiful! This was a fun hop to follow! I will be watching for the next one!

  9. Beautiful. Great colors with the gold!

  10. oh very pretty, love the colours

  11. This is gogeous. You know your earring kind of inspired me too. I am feeling like going to my Beading and open the boxes again. Great job. - Love Dita.