Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Vampire Jewelry Blog Hop Results

First of all, I want to apologize to all of the participants that I haven't yet gotten back to. I started a new job this month, and it's taking up a HUGE amount of my time, so I haven't had much of a chance to bead OR to blog.

I had meant for the hop itsself to be on a Friday, but I guess I sort of messed up the date ... That's OK, though!!!!!! I managed to finish my piece and get it photographed, so I'm posting a leeetle bit before midnight so that everyone can get the blog list in time.

First of all, my piece.

I call it "Love Bites." This is an asymmetrical helm chain choker executed in gunmetal with a little bit of a vampire bite off center. It's simple, yet has a very elegant feel:

Make sure that you check out all of the other talented participants!!! Here's the list!!!

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Make sure you stop by and take a look at all of the vampy creations!!!!


  1. That is cool. Love the bite! I suppose I can go put up my post for the hop now since midnight is almost on me.

  2. Well, I lost track of time and haven't finished. Will try to this weekend.

  3. That is a terrific piece!! Very intricate, but you're right, it has a simple yet elegant feel to it as well. Love the vampire bite!

    I am a little behind since this is my first blog hop and I wasn't exactly sure how and when to post, but I will have my pictures up this morning.

  4. I love the choker. Simple, yet to the point! I put mine up right around midnight too, lol.

  5. very nice Moira....thanks again for the hop :)

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