Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June's Blog Hop - Foot Bling!!!

Ah, summer is here at last. The time for short shorts, strappy sandals, and PEDICURES!!! There's something so freeing about "scraping the winter off of my feet" as my eloquent cousin once phrased it.

So in honor of summer, bare strappy sandals, and all the other wonderful things that go along with it, June's blog hop is centered on Foot Bling!!! Foot bling entails almost any jewelry you can wear on your feet, so break out your beads and make me some toe rings, anklets, foot thongs, barefoot sandals, beaded footwear - whatever you've got. I can't wait to see all of them, so put your best foot bling forward!!

I'm going to let the signups run for a really long time this month - so signups are from now until June 25, 2011. The blog post itself will be Thursday, June 30th. On June 29th, I'll publish a blog post with the list of participants, so don't worry if you don't get an email ahead of time!

To enter, simply comment on this post, and don't forget to paste a link to your blog! Even if you've joined before, it makes putting the linky list together a WHOLE lot easier if I don't have to go hunting.


  1. I think I'd like to play!

  2. I'll play! I love bling on my feet...may the design gears start turning....

    oh and here is my blog:

  3. I want to play!

  4. Oh I can't resist a blog hop from you after the vampire one. Sign me up!

  5. Fantastic Blog Hop idea! I love making barefoot sandals. So, sign me up!

  6. I never done anything for foot but I will give a try so I would like to play too