Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Foot Bling Blog List

First, I'd like to send out a humongous thank you to everyone participating in June's Foot Bling Blog Hop!!

My own piece is nearly done, and I'll be shooting pictures tonight, but for those participating here's the blog list so that you can post whenever you're ready!!

Sue Beads
Shellie G
Therese's Treasures
Patricia Lynne
Renata's Arts and Crafts

Can't wait to see all the beautiful designs!!!


  1. Therese's Treasures is linking to the wrong blog.

  2. Thanks to register my participation and I am ready with my pics in the blog. Is my first foot jewelery and I am very happy to show it off.
    good luck to all other participants...

  3. I almost forgot too! But thanks to quick thinking and an easy project I got something completed!

  4. I should have posted a reminder a couple of days ago, I'm sorry ladies!!!!! But I'm glad you made it in under the wire! I'll make sure I post a reminder for July's blog hop!